Choosing a great domain name is the first step on your path towards success in online business. Just like your house address, domain name acts as your web address. When people want to find your website, they will go through the domain name first; which is why it’s ideal to buy a domain name that has all the qualities to make your website easily accessible. If you’re in limbo as to what qualities to look for when choosing a domain name, here is a comprehensive guide:

a)   Buy a domain name with high recall value

Your domain name must be easy to remember. People will say that memory is a non-issue because they can bookmark any site. The truth, however, is that not everyone knows the concept of bookmarking, plus online users always want something that makes their lives easier, not complicated. This is why a high-recall value is a great quality to keep in mind when looking to buy a domain name. If your domain name is easy to remember, your return customers will not have trouble finding your site. They will simply type out your domain name in their browsers, and they will be directed to your site without running into errors. A great domain name example that is memorable is

b)   When performing your domain name registration, choose a shorter domain

Many entrepreneurs argue against shorter domain names on SEO standpoint. They say that shorter domain names are not keyword-rich. While keyword is essential in making your site visible, recall value trumps all else. What is the point of making your domain name long to appeal to search engines when customers cannot recall it. You might find out that you’re losing repeat customers if you favor long domain names.

c)    When looking to buy a domain name, ensure it doesn’t have hyphens, underscores, hash tags or any funny character

It’s very daunting to type out a domain name that contains hyphens, underscores, and hash tags. And for a customer, that is a recipe for transiting from your website. Including these characters defeats the purpose of business, which is to make customers lives easier.

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d)   Buy a domain name with a .com extension

Today, a wide range of domain names exist in the marketplace, for instance, generic Top-Level Domain names ( .com, .net, .org), country code Top-Level Domain Names (.u.k, .us, .ca) and location specific Top-Level Domain Names (.london, .newyork, .paris). They are so many that it’s almost overwhelming to decide which one to go with. While each category of Top-Level Domain Name has its unique application, .com domain names still rule. Consumers tend to trust the .com extension, and they will always click on websites with this kind of extension over the others. This is why you should always choose the .com domain extension.

e)   Ensure to buy a domain name that aligns with your brand

A great domain name should align with the kind of business you’re operating. For example, if your business is about bicycles, suffice to choose a domain that resembles bicycles. A good domain name example for a bicycle website should be or A potential customer will easily click on this URL when they are looking to buy bicycle parts.

f)     Inclusion of a keyword is vital in the course of domain name registration

 keyword is essential for your SEO efforts. A search engine optimized domain name has the greatest possibilities of ranking high on search engines. A higher search engine rank means organic traffic will troop to your site and lead to more conversions.


These days, it’s not about going to a registrar’s website and registering a domain name. Competition is stiffer than before, and if you do that, competitors will easily get a head of you. Ensure to implement these qualities when registering a domain name to stay ahead of the pack. For more information regarding buying a domain name click here.

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