“Prevention is better than cure,” they say. This phrase is very true. You must be wondering what that phrase has to do with “protecting your domain name from thieves.” The phrase a lot to do with it and I will explain to you.

Hackers are very dangerous, not only can they steal financial information; they can also steal your domains. And when they steal your domains, there is often little you can do to get your domain back. This is where the phrase comes into action. You could have protected your domain from getting stolen, but you didn’t. But now it is stolen, there is nothing you can do about it again.

If you have a domain name, and you are not protecting your domain name from thieves, it’s time to start, if you don’t know how to start, I will teach you how to start. In this post, you will learn some safety measures to take to protect your domain name from thieves.

  1. Be very wary of emails. It is time to be wary of emails. You should be very careful on the type of emails you receive especially the ones from a domain registrar like HostGator. Hackers often steal domain names by sending fake emails to their owners. The email that the hackers send contains some malicious software that allows the hackers to steal your domain names. The hackers might send emails like “Attention! Your account might have been compromised, and payment method is no longer valid, please log in to correct information.” Immediately you log in, the hacker would have taken control of your email address and would have stolen your domain name.

  1. Keep your records. If your domain name gets stolen, you are more likely to recover it quickly and easily if you have kept documents related to your websites, such as registration and billing records. Having such information can help you in a lawsuit. It can also help the domain registrar catch the theft easily. For you to get your domain back, you have to show to the domain registrar that you are a victim, but if you don’t have the necessary records with you, your recourse is very limited


  1. Take extra security measures. Before you choose a domain registrar, you should make sure that they offer added security features. You should make sure that your domain is placed on registrar lock.